Merry Krismas Telikom

Telikom yesterday officially announced the launch of their Krismas CASHpot promotion. 
Telikom Limited CEO Amos Tepi, in front of media, said that the Krimas CASHpot promotion was another massive cash giveaway that the company is running from the 18th November through to the 23rd of December, giving customers the opportunity to win a share in K300,000. 
The promotion will offer two categories of winners: Daily Winners and CASHpot Winners. 
A total of 20 Daily winners will be selected to share in K50,000 (that’s K2,500 per winner). The winners for this will be selected from each of PNG’s 4 regions. On Mondays, a winner will be selected from the Highlands region; on Tuesdays - a winner from Momase; Wednesdays - from New Guninea Islands and on Thursdays, a winner will be selected from the Southern region. 
And on Fridays, there will be live radio call outs to customers nationwide to determine the major CASHpot winners. Up to 5 lucky winners will be selected to win a share in K250,000. 
On the first Friday, the 25th of November, a lucky customer has the chance to win K50,000. If they are unsuccessful, then the amount jackpots to K100,000 for the following week. If no-one wins that, then the amount jackpots again to K150,000 in the third week. And if no one wins that, then the amount accumulates to K200,000 in the fourth week. If there is still no winner at that stage, then the CASHpot accumulates to a staggering quarter of a million Kina to be won by one lucky customer on the 23rd of December - just in time for Christmas!
To enter, customers must top up with K10 or more and will automatically be entered into the draw to win. Selected numbers will be called and the customer must answer with “Merry Krismas Telikom” to WIN! It’s that easy. Good luck PNG.

To find out more about Telikom’s Krismas CASHpot promotion, please click on the following link. Alternatively, our friendly customer care team is happy to provide more details. You can contact them on 1555 or 7600 3555.

Good luck PNG!

IMAGE CAPTION: Telikom Limited CEO, Amos Tepi (left) and Head of Sales and Marketing, Nathaniel Lepani (right) at the announcement of the Krismas CASHpot promotion.
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