Prepaid Roaming Bundle

What is the Prepaid Roaming Bundle?

This is a bundle-offer available for Prepaid International Roamers to Australia, New Zealand and Solomon Islands. This Bundle includes 10mins of calls back to PNG + 10 SMS back to PNG and 10MB data while roaming in any of these countries. 

How do I subscribe for this?

Subscriptions can be done using any of the options below:

Dial *888# and select the Roaming Country.

Subscribe using a Credit or Debit Card through the self-care portal.

Subscribe using Internet banking through the self-care portal.

Subscribe Electronic Voucher Distribution System (EVD) at any of our retail stores.

How much will it cost me?

The bundle costs only K20.

What is the validity of the subscription?

The bundle is valid for 3 days from the time of subscription.

How do I check my Balance?

Simply dial *120# for balance check.

Can I call other countries apart from PNG?

Yes you can, however, standard roaming rates will apply, not the bundled minutes and SMS.

If I have remaining MINS/SMS/DATA on my bundle, upon returning to PNG, can I still use it?

You will not be able to use this bundle, here is PNG, as this bundle applies to Prepaid Roaming Services.

Can I select any network, whilst roaming?

Yes, you may select any network to roam with, the bundle still applies.

What number do I dial for Customer Service?

While on roaming you can dial +675-76003555.