Telikom and Lynk Global provide PNG with unapparelled connectivity.

"A new partnership between Telikom and Lynk Global sets the standard for PNG. This game-changing technology will see all of PNG covered with mobile and data connectivity," commented Telikom CEO Mr Tepi

In a historical moment for Papua New Guinea (PNG), Telikom is announcing the signing of an agreement with Lynk Global to deliver a transformational satellite direct-to-phone service across PNG, a first for Papua New Guinea.

Lynk is committed to connecting everyone, everywhere, and as an organization, they're the world's only patented and proven satellite-direct-to-standard-phone system provider. With only 10% of the earth's surface covered by mobile towers, it leaves 90% of the planet in what is known as "coverage black spots." Mobile coverage is limited by the economics of building and operating traditional ground-based mobile towers, making it cost-prohibitive to expand into remote areas lacking coverage. Lynk helps bridge the divide and meet mobile phone users where they live, work, and travel.

The new partnership between Telikom and Lynk underpins Telikom's plans to advance technology that genuinely reaches all of PNG. Our commitment is to provide retail and business customers with new technology that delivers value, speed, reliability, entertainment, and the ability to access more cloud-based solutions.

PNG is a vast country. Our home comprises many islands and coastal areas through to the rugged Highlands. The sheer size of PNG and the remoteness of certain provinces create challenges for Telikom to overcome using the best available technology. Telikom is committed to ensuring everyone can access a safe and reliable mobile network.   Telikom has researched the options for PNG. It was clearly evident that 100% mobile coverage can only be achieved using new alternative technologies.

"We're thrilled to have partnered with Lynk Global to provide this new and exciting technology to PNG; our business is here to support PNG and our people. As a state-owned entity, we must ensure we deliver fast and reliable services to our customers. This new partnership will do just that; everyone will benefit from this, from Port Moresby to Hagen to Hela. This is a historical moment for Telikom and PNG," says Mr. Tepi, CEO of Telikom.

Telikom is the challenger brand in PNG. It is the people's network, and this new partnership brings it into a leading technology position.

"We applaud the forward-thinking of Mr. Tepi and his Telikom team in embracing innovation to address one of humanity's enduring challenges: how to connect all people in all places. The Lynk service will empower Papua New Guineans to enhance their safety and to embrace new economic activities that come with being connected where they live, work, and travel to", says James Alderdice, VP of Asia-Pacific at Lynk.

The program of works will initially see the launch of Lynk's non-continuous SMS service, and then over time, Lynk's service will also feature voice calling and mobile broadband connectivity.

Lynk's network will also deliver additional network resiliency to Telikom's terrestrial mobile network allowing subscribers to connect when a network outage occurs. With PNG being recognized as highly susceptible to earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones, the Lynk service is there to help when needed.

"This is just the beginning of a long list of new programs and technology partners that we will bring to PNG. We committed to the government and everyone in PNG to deliver better connections, faster connections, and a service that would compete against any other nation in our region. We're finishing 2023 with this announcement, and it is truly exciting," says Mr Tepi.

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