Rent a space with Telikom

Wholesale Co-Location is a service where Telikom let customers rent a space inside the Telephone Exchange or on the Towers or on its IT equipment to store IT equipment like servers/Rack Space/RUs/Meet me ports etc.

Why Co-locate

  • The biggest advantage is the cost saving.
  • Collocations facilities have better outage protection
  • Clients own all their equipment and the software that runs it. If they need to upgrade or maintenance works they fill out a PTW.
  • Secure and safe.

Co-Location platforms

  • Telikom Exchanges
  • Repeater Transmitter
  • Base Transceiver Station(BTS)
  • TBO’s e.g. Integrated Government Information Services (IGIS) project

Key features

  • Secured environment and connectivity and fully backed up service to support customer
  • Cost-effective for customers
  • Shorter activation & service restoration time
  • Eliminate risk of network outages
  • Pricing structure includes the space, power usage plus the maintenance

Enquire now for more cheaper unlimited and volume based plans call 1555.