Balance Check

What is Balance Check?

A balance check is when a subscriber wants to check how much phone credits he or she has left on their mobile phone.

How do I perform a Balance Check ?

Simply dial or call *120#

An SMS confirming your balance will appear.

“Your account balance is (amount). Your account will expire after (expiry date)”.

Are there any limitations to this service?

There are no limitations whatsoever, a subscriber can check his or her balance as many times as he or she wants at any time.

Is there a charge to perform a balance check?

There is no charge to this service. Checking your balance is absolutely free.

Is this service available to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers?

The service is only available to prepaid subscribers.

Why is the balance check service so important?

This service helps you manage your account and also lets you in on any bmobile specials and promotions on at the time. These information comes with the balance check message.