BSP Mobile Banking

1. What is BSP Mobile Banking?

BSP Mobile Banking allows you to do your day-to-day banking anywhere by using your mobile phone.

2. How do I access BSP Mobile Banking?

Dial *131# to access BSP Mobile Banking menu.

3. Do I get charged for dialing *131#?

No. There won’t be any deductions from the customer’s phone credits every time they dial *131#.

4. What are the features of using BSP Mobile Banking?

Mobile Top Up (bmobile).

View your bank account balance.

View your transaction history – last 3 transactions.

Funds Transfer.

EasiPay Top Up.

Purchase Air Niugini ticket.

Pay your bills using Bill Pay.

Repay your loans.

SMS Alerts such as salary notifications

5. How can I get started?

You will need a BSP bank account.

You need to visit your nearest BSP Branch to fill out a form linking your bmobile number to your bank account

Dial *131#

Enter your 16 digit BSP KunduCard number (You can also use other BSP issued debit cards such as BSP SaveCard, BSP Visa, BSP First Platinum Card) ? Create your own new PIN (Do not use the same PIN as your BSP ATM or EFTPOS Card PIN)

6. What do I do if my sim card is lost or stolen?

Call BSP Customer Service on 320 1212 to have your mobile banking access stopped immediately.

7. What happens if I change my number?

You are required to visit your nearest BSP branch and register your new number.

8. Can I also register for BSP Mobile Banking with a Post-Paid sim?


9. Do normal banking fees apply to BSP Mobile Banking?

Yes, normal banking fees apply. See a link for more information

10. How soon after I conduct a transaction do I get a response?

You will get an immediate response after a transaction.

11. Do I get an SMS alert confirming a transaction whether successful or not?

For successful top up, you get an SMS notification. For unsuccessful transaction, you will get a notification on the USSD screen.

12. Is there a time frame in which I need to conduct the transaction before it times out?

The timeframe or session time is 2 minutes (120 seconds) before the session times out.

13. What happens if the transaction times-out?

If transactions times out, then the transaction will not be completed.

14. What happens if I Top Up my mobile number, my Bank account is debited but I don’t receive the Top Up?

Call the BSP Customer Service Centre on 320 1212 to be assisted.

15. Who can I contact for more information about BSP Mobile Banking?

For more information on BSP Mobile Banking call the BSP Customer Service Centre on 320 1212 or download the Mobile Banking Brochure (PDF 1.64MB) or Mobile Banking FAQ (PDF 149.3 KB) for instructions on how to use this service.