Credit Transfer

What is a credit transfer?

Credit transfer is a quicker and easier way to send credits via your mobile phone to another bmobile subscriber.

When can I use Credit Transfer?

You can also use Credit transfer to attend to a Credit Me request or just sending credits to your friends, relatives or colleagues.

How to use Credit Transfer?

Simply key in *128*(Pin Number)*amount (Kina)*Mobile Number# and Send

A confirmation SMS will appear on screen saying.

“You have successfully recharged (amount). Your balance is (amount) & valid until (expiry date)”.

Is there a charge to do Credit Transfer?

A minimal fee of 20 toea is charged to the sender for a Credit Transfer.

Can a prepaid subscriber transfer credits to a postpaid subscriber?

No, a prepaid subscriber can only transfer credits to another prepaid subscriber.

Are there any limitations to the Credit Transfer service?

Yes, there are limitations to a Credit Transfer;

A minimum balance of K1.10 plus must be in the account to allow to transfer credits.

A minimum amount of K1.00 must be transferred each time.

A maximum amount of K100.00 can be transferred in a single transfer

A maximum amount of K200.00 can be transferred in a day

A maximum amount of K300.00 can be transferred in a month

A subscriber can transfer up to ten times per day. If a subscriber tries to transfer more than 10 times, the transfer will fail and will take up to 30 days for system to clear out and allow the subscriber to transfer again.

A subscriber is allowed 30 transfers within a month. If the subscriber exceeds this limit, the transfer will fail and take up to 30 days for system to clear out before the subscriber can use the transfer service again.

Default PIN number

This is the set PIN number to transfer phone credits. The default pin number to transfer credits is 12345.

Can I change the default PIN number to my desired PIN number?

Of course you can, but make sure it is a number you will not forget.

How does one change the default PIN number?

To change default PIN to ones own desired PIN number, press *124*OLD PIN*NEW PIN#

What if I forget the PIN number after changing from default?

If you forget the pin number after changing from default, call bmobile customer care on 1555 for further assistance with resetting.