EVD Reseller

What is EVD?

EVD stands for Electronic Voucher Distribution. EVD can be done via any feature phone (simple phones), a smart phone or a tablet to sell phone credits to another phone.

How do I become a bmobile EVD Reseller?

A reseller registration office is located at our head office in Port Moresby. If you are located in Port Moresby please visit our office to register.

What if I am not located in Port Moresby?

We will refer you to our dealer in your province who can assist you in registering as a reseller.

What do I need to be an EVD reseller?

All you need is a mobile phone and a bmobile sim card! You can use any type of mobile phone and you must register your bmobile number with us.

Can I be a reseller of top kads?

No top kads, only EVD

What are the miminum and maximum purchase requirements?

The minimum is K500.00 and the maximum is K4999.00

But I would like to purchase an amount lower than K500.00

For any purchases less than K500.00, you will be introduced to our bmobile dealer where you can purchase lower denominations.

How can I make payments

You can pay in cash or through EFTPOS machine. Cheque payments are accepted however, the cheques will need to be cleared first before you receive your EVD reseller top up. Cheques can take up to 5 Days to clear.

Will I receive commission? If so how much?

For all purchased above K500.00, a commission of 7% applies.

EVD Reseller Registration Form click here to download