Happy Hour

1. What is the Happy Hour?

For just K1, bmobile customers can subscribe to a Happy Hour and make as many calls as they want in 1 hour.

2. Is the Happy Hour available on the RED SIM (75XX XXXX / 76XX XXXX) and BLUE SIM (78XX XXXX)?


3. How can a customer access the Happy Hour?

Simply dial *777# and select option 4 from the menu and follow the prompts.

4. How many times can a customer purchase the Happy Hour?

A customer can purchase as many times as they want.

5. What are the components the Happy Hour?

Price On-net Minutes Validity
Price :
On-net :
60 mins
Validity :
1 hr

6. Can a customer roll over the Happy Hour after the validity period has passed?

No, the onnet minutes must be used up within the validity period.

7. How can I check my Happy Hour balance?

1. By dialing *120#, you will than receive a SMS showing your data balance.

8. If I have a RED SIM (75XX XXX / 76XX XXXX) number and would like to call a BLUE SIM (78XX XXXX) number or vice versa, is that an Onnet Call?


9. If I subscribe to two consecutive Happy Hours within 5 minutes of each other, does the second Happy Hour begin after the first one expires and lasts for an hour?

No, the second Happy Hour will expire 5 minutes after the first.

10. Who can I contact for more information on this product and other products and services provided by bmobile?

For more information on this product and any other product and services, FREE call Customer Care on 1555 for RED SIM or 1500 for BLUE SIM (7600 3555 for other network users), OR send us a Price Onnet Minutes Validity K1 60 1 hr
Facebook private message to https://www.facebook.com/Bmobile4GLTE or email mobile_support@telikom.com.pg.