Online Purchase

What is the process for online Top Up?

bmobile online top up purchase process is simple. Once you login into your account on the self-care portal you can top up your credit online.  Select Recharge from the menu.

Can anyone Top up Online?

You must be registered on bmobile self-care before you can top up online. You must login to your account before you can purchase online top up.

What numbers can I Top Up?

You can only top up bmobile numbers that are registered to your account. If the number you are trying to top up is not on the drop down list, go to additional mobile number on the menu list and complete this process prior to toping up this number.

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can Top Up?

The minimum top up amount is K10 and the maximum is K200 in any one transaction. You can select from the range of top up amounts from the selection list.

What Credit Cards are accepted?

Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Can I use a Debit Card?

Yes VISA Debit Cards are accepted.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a method of ensuring that information submitted through our Web site is secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. When a site offers an SSL-secured form, the information submitted via that form (typically credit card information) is encrypted using a special certificate key and then decrypted with another key after it has been transmitted. When users access a site secured with SSL using their browser, a symbol displays in their browser windows indicating that the site is secure.

How can credit card fraud occur?

As technology advances so do the methods and occurrences of identity fraud, especially when it comes to credit cards. Just as technology has become more sophisticated so have criminals. Unfortunately, no one is completely safe from being a victim of credit card fraud, but knowing how it happens can help prevent it from happening to you.

Trojans and viruses that can be implanted into your computer to record your key strokes--which allows thieves to record your credit card information as you type it into a website when completing an online purchase. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to combat some of these new techniques. However, being vigilant in keeping your antivirus software up to date and not opening emails from unknown individuals are both useful ways to prevent credit card fraud.

Another means of credit card fraud is having your credit card number copied down (together with other details on your card) when you are paying for goods over the counter. To prevent this, refrain from giving your credit card information out over the phone.

To help combat fraud, our payment solution pre-integrates the 3D Secure authentication known as Verified By Visa and MasterCard Secure Code. Shoppers with 3D Secure activated on their credit card are re-directed to authenticate the purchase with a PIN or password.

How do I proceed with the purchase?

Once you have entered your payment and cardholder details on the payment information page select to proceed with your purchase.

If the payment is successful a receipt page will be displayed. You can print this page and its details for your records.

How do I pay?

The checkout will accept Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards. The checkout can also accept VISA Debit Cards. This means you have to put details of your valid credit card in our secure payment information page. If you do not have a credit card or a VISA Debit Card, then you are not going to be able to buy anything from our site. Credit cards and Visa Debit Cards are issued by the main banks in PNG.

How do I get a receipt?

Once the payment is accepted by the payment gateway then we will display a RECEIPT PAGE (that you can print for your records) This receipt page has a GST number and can be used as a valid receipt/invoice for PNG GST purposes.

How secure is your payment?

Credit Card payments done through a secure payment gateway are very secure. The world has been conducting e-commerce secure payments for many years now. We use techniques that are the latest standard including secure payment pages (SSL) and 3D Secure. As part of bmobile’s continuing efforts to promote best practice solutions, we participate in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard's Secure Code schemes.

3D secure?

3D secure is an added security feature that the card holder can subscribe to with their card issuing bank. bmobile as the merchant is 3D secure as it is mandatory, while for the Cardholder it is optional based on the cardholder enrolment with your card issuing bank.

What if my connection drops out as I am paying?

If you are in the process of paying and your internet connection breaks for some reason, you are going to be unsure of the status of your payment transaction. You are not going to know, so you are best to call up our customer care centre and speak to a customer care representative that can tell you if your transaction was carried out or not.

What if I don't have a credit card?

Unfortunately you cannot make purchases online if you do not have a credit/debit card. You will need to contact your local bank branch and enquire about this. We are not a bank and we do not issue credit /debit cards!

we send out an email confirming your credit card details?

No! bmobile will never send an email asking you to confirm your credit card number or any detail with your credit card by email. So if you get an email claiming to be from bmobile, then do not reply. Simply call our customer care and speak to the customer care rep. The reason why we don't request your credit card details is that there are many scams, collectively called phishing (pronounced like fishing) that try to get your credit card details by sending an email and pretending to be bmobile. So if you know, we are never going to ask for your details over the Internet then you know not to reply.

What is a 3D Secure error?

An 'RY' error is a 3D secure error - in most cases meaning that 3D secure validation failed. What this means is that the customer who is 3D Secure registered failed to validate their card with a correct password.

This password is not your card's PIN number or the security digit printed on the back but a special code you programmed into your card when you signed up for 3D secure from your bank.

The customer will have to try again entering their correct code, or alternatively if they don't know what it is - will have to contact the Issuing bank to have it reset.

This is a non-secure form. What does this mean?

In safari browser, the following message- :This is a non-secure form.  This form will be send in a way that is not secure. "

This message appears when a page redirects from an https secure page to a non https/http page, example a Thank-you page maybe a non-secure page.

Bmobile along with our payment gateway provider ensures that all URL pages in our online recharge process are https secure