1. What is postpaid?

Postpaid is a contracted service where the user is billed for their “out-of-bundle” usage at the end of each month. This usage is charged from the agreed credit limit set.

2. How is postpaid service different to prepaid?




As a corporate customer, am I protected by a contract term on plans, pricing and corporate agreements?

No. There is no long term commitment on pricing and plans. Whatever you pay for has a minimum term of 7 days and maximum term of 120 days.

Yes. That is the value of being a postpaid corporate customer. We commit to the agreement during that term. This helps you with budgeting etc also. You can sign up for 24 & 36 months.

Do I get access to the business concierge with specialized support agents to deal with all my corporate needs?


Yes, of course you do.

Do I get access to the corporate customer web portal for ease of management of my corporate account and records?



Do I get access to corporate call records and historical billing information online?



3. What do the plans offer?

All plans offer “in-bundle” minutes, SMS and data for a month. These minutes, SMS and data are not charged on your invoice. All call records will be shown however “in-bundle” usage will show a K0.00 value. You will only see charges on your invoice for if you incur “out-of-bundle” usage.

4. What is “Monthly Fee”?

This is the monthly rental charge for your “in-bundle” package. This fee is required upon registration and every month. It is recommended that you pay as many months up front as possible.

5. What is “Security Deposit Fee”?

This is a “one-time” deposit fee which facilitates security for your account (to avoid bill-shock) and to also set a maximum limit where your outgoing calls will be automatically barred. This fee is paid once and refundable upon termination of contract.

6. What is “Credit Limit”?

Each plan has a minimum Credit Limit to allow for out-of-bundle usage. At contract commencement, this limit is set at the same amount as the security deposit. The maximum allowable expenditure per account is equal to the bundle cost plus the credit limit eg. K200 plan + K300 credit limit = K500. When the user reaches this set amount the service will be barred but only after the last call has been completed or the last data session has timed out. SMS and email alerts are forwarded to the user and the administrator at various percentages of in-bundle and out-of-bundle usage. This is to give them plenty of warning to enable them to manage their usage. As a corporate customer, the authorized administrator has the authority to request extension beyond the maximum out-of-bundle amount by emailing the Business Concierge at All out-of-bundle usage will be billed on the 1st of the following month

7. When and how do I get billed?

Upon registration, you will have registered an “authorized administrative contact”. This contact would preferably be someone who has some level of “delegated financial authority”. Their full contact details including email address will be recorded on our corporate customer portal. This email address will be the one that receives all invoices that are sent out on the 1st of every month. To avoid services being affected, please settle all outstanding amounts in full (100%) by the 8th. 

8. What will my bill include?

All plans offer “in-bundle” minutes, SMS and data for a month. These minutes, SMS and data are not charged on your invoice. All call records will be shown however “in-bundle” usage will show a K0.00 value. You will only see charges on your invoice if you incur “out-of-bundle” usage.

9. Do I have to sign a contract to get on Postpaid and is there a minimum term?

Yes, all postpaid accounts require a signed contract for a minimum of 24 months but 36 months is recommended for longer term value. The benefit for the customer is that we guarantee the pricing/service package for that period. In addition, concierge services are provided, detailed billing records and other corporate incentives may be negotiated.

10. Can I migrate or change from one plan to another?

Yes, one can migrate from one plan to the other. Please ensure you contact your Account Manager and confirm all changes before the 25th of the previous month. Migration of plans will take effect on the 1st of the new month. It’s free to contact our corporate sales team via 1555.

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11. If I no longer want to be on Postpaid and want to unsubscribe, is there a penalty fee?

As with all contracts, we ask that contracted customers commit to the period that they have signed for. Our network can only grow with longer term commitment from our customers. Please contact your account manager to review the penalty process.

12. What other services are available to postpaid subscribers?

Below are the additional services available for postpaid customers. For more information on any of these services, contact our corporate sales team on 1555 or email

  • Closed User Group (CUG)

Select a minimum of five (5) bmobile numbers. For a fixed fee per month, these numbers can subscribe to our CUG service, which allows them to make and receive unlimited calls and SMS between each other. Talk to our team about how you can “manage your own CUG” by using your very own secure web portal; thereby empowering you to add/remove users as you wish.

  • Direct Top-Up (DTU)

Eliminate the hassle and risk of scratch cards. Pay us in advance, a budgeted sum of money for your users. Our DTU portal will enable you to pre-configure set allowances for each of your numbers and automatically send out phone credits or bundles to your users at the “click of a mouse button”.

  • Global Roaming

Prior to going overseas, apply with us and we’ll enable you to “roam like you’re at home”; that is, be able to receive calls to your bmobile number. We support voice, sms, data. Please check rates for your country of destination.

13. How do I apply for the Postpaid Service?

Contact the bmobile Corporate Sales team via methods below:

  • 1555 (free call from a bmobile number)
  • 76003500 (cheap call from anywhere)