What is International roaming?

bmobile post-paid and pre-paid customers can now use their bmobile mobile phones Australia, New Zealand and in many other countries around the world. Click here to see the countries we have roaming relationship with.

What do I need to do to get roaming – before leaving for overseas?

For pre-paid, your account will be automatically setup to roam. No need to request for this service. For post-paid, you need to activate the roaming services by visiting bmobile office. For both post/pre-paid customers ensure that you have sufficient credit in your accounts or take some Top Cards with you or arrange with someone in PNG to top up your account when you need it.

NOTE: Customers can use their Visa card via bmobile self-care portal to:

  • purchase prepaid Top Cards & or
  • pay for post-paid bills

What do I need to do to get roaming – when I arrive in an overseas country?

When you arrive in an overseas country:

  • TURN ON your mobile phone or tablet as soon as you reach your destination, and ensure data roaming is switched on.
  • CONNECT automatically to our preferred local mobile network.
  • If for some reason it cannot select automatically then you may manually select the network under Mobile Network Settings on your mobile  and select one of the local mobile operators.

The charges for the calls you make and receive while overseas will be deducted from your PNG prepaid account. As long as you have credits in your post/pre-paid accounts you will be allowed to make and receive calls.

How do I top up in an overseas country?

If you run out of credits you can use multiple options listed below to top up your bmobile number. You will not be able to top up using top cards belonging to the operators in those countries.

  • (a) dial *121*voucher number# - The voucher number must be a PNG bmobile voucher number. You can take some bmobile PNG Top up Cards with you.
  • (b) You can do a top up online using a voucher number.
  • (c) You can also top up online using your credit/ debit card/ internet banking
  • (d) You may get someone in PNG to do a KWIK TRANSFER for you on your account
  • (e) You can ask your wantoks to do a direct electronic top up from PNG.

How do I check my account balance in an overseas country?

Dial *120# - If I dial *120# or *121*voucher number# while in an overseas country, will I be charged? No you will not be charged for dialling *120# or *121*.

Can I transfer credit from PNG to an overseas country? If it’s possible, what’s the charge?

Yes and charge is same transferring within PNG i.e. 20t is charged to the sender.

How can I make calls when roaming in an overseas country?

  • When you are roaming in an overseas country you can call anyone in the country by just dialling their phone number (no need to dial the country code)
  • But when you want to call your wantoks in PNG you will have to dial the PNG Country Code plus the number (+675 XXXXXXXX)
  • Similarly if you call overseas numbers you dial the country code, area code and the number.

Do I get charged for receiving calls?

Yes. When you roam in another country or use another network you get charged for receiving a call.

Will my data or data bundle work in and overseas country?

Data roaming is available on overseas operators’ networks, at K10 per Megabyte. 

What are the charges?

Refer to Roaming Rates page

How do I receive calls?

  • When someone in PNG wants to contact you they just dial your normal number. Since you are in an overseas country, you will be charged for receiving this call from PNG.
  • When someone from the overseas country you are in or, any other country wants to call you they will dial the +675 followed by your number

Will I be able to retrieve my voicemail messages whilst on Prepaid roaming?

Yes, you can retrieve your voicemail on roaming by dialling +675 76001262 and will be charged at call home rates of K1.50/min

What number do I dial for Customer Service?

While on roaming you can dial +675-76003555. You’ll be charged as per the call rate listed above.