1. What is the BE SMART Promo?

The BE SMART Promo is a Limited Time Offer Only that bundles a Corporate PUG Plus plan with the latest premium brands of high-end Smartphones such as the SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 and the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. The latest premium brands of high-end smartphones are highly priced as such that it is made more affordable by bundling as is and spreading out the price over a standard term.


2. Who is eligible for this Promo?

Only Corporates are eligible for this limited time offer. Interested Corporates must reside within our coverage area and not be currently in a contract with another mobile enterprise service provider and also meet our credit check requirements. Existing customers are also eligible for a plan to a Smart Corporate PUG Plus plan.


3. How do I sign up?

To apply for an Upgrade, contact a Key Account Executive for assistance on email


4. How much will the new plan cost per month?

The lowest plan is charged K160 per month and the highest plan is charged at K850 per month. There are plans in between that you can choose from to suit your budget.


5. Are there any additional fees or charges associated with the new plan?

Prorated charges apply considering how far you are into your contract term and there are prorated charges that apply on early termination on the smartphone device.


6 Will my current phone number be transferred to the new plan?

You can choose to maintain the same service number that you are using on your current PUG Plan. Otherwise, new sign ups are assigned a service number along with a plan.


7. Is the free Mobile Handset locked to the new plan or can I use it with another carrier?

The bundled smartphone handset and the Smart Corporate PUG Plus plan are charged a recurring monthly charge regardless whether you use both or not.


8. How long will it take to receive the Mobile Phone handset after upgrading my plan?

The standard order & delivery process usually takes up to 24 hours for orders within Port Moresby and may take up to 48 hours for orders from outside centres. A Key Account Manager will be in contact with you periodically within this time to provide an update on the progress of your order.


9. Are there any trading or recycling options for my current phone?

There are no trading or recycling options available for used mobile phones as yet.


10. Can I choose a different colour or storage capacity for smartphone?

No. There is no option to choose as there is a specific smartphone assigned to each plan.


11. Are there any data or usage restrictions on the new plan?

Apart from the Unlimited voice calls to on-net numbers, the usage is restricted to the voice, sms & data bundled for each plan. There are also bolt-on bundles available should you require additional usage on top the plan quota for the month.


12. Will my current contract be terminated or can I continue to use my existing plan?

Should you decide to maintain the current contractual term, a pro-rated charge will be calculated which is payable upfront when you sign up for a plan. Your existing plan will simply be upgraded (plan change) to a Smart Corporate PUG Plus plan.