Sola PayGo

1. What is Sola PayGo?

Sola PayGo is an affordable pay-as-you-go solar light solution offered by Sola PayGo Limited. Bmobile customers can use their bmobile mobile phone to make the payments for the solar units.

2. How do I make SolaPaygo payments?

To make Sola PayGo payments do the following:

1.      Dial *775*enter meter number*enter amount#

2.      Press 1 to confirm purchase.

3.      Receive an SMS message with prepaid voucher and transaction reference number.

4.      You will also receive an update on the amount you still owe for the solar kit.

3. How much Sola PayGo can I pay off each time?

You can make payments of a minimum of K12 and a maximum of K500.

4. Is there a transaction fee for Sola PayGo?

Sola Paygo Amount Transaction Fee
Sola Paygo Amount :
K12 - K30
Transaction Fee :
Sola Paygo Amount :
K31 - K50
Transaction Fee :
Sola Paygo Amount :
K51 - K100
Transaction Fee :
Sola Paygo Amount :
K101 - K300
Transaction Fee :
Sola Paygo Amount :
K301 - K450
Transaction Fee :
Sola Paygo Amount :
K451 - K500
Transaction Fee :

5. Is this service available on both the RED (75XX XXXX / 76XX XXXX) and BLUE (78XX XXXX) sim?


6. Is this a nationwide service?

This service applies to all areas where Sola PayGo meters are sold and Bmobile coverage exists.

See the Sola PayGo website for information on this.

7. When can I make Sola PayGo payments?

You can make Sola PayGo payments 24 hours / 7 days a week.

8. Who can I contact for more information on this service and other products and services provided by bmobile?

For more information on this service and any other product and services:

1.      FREE call Customer Care on 1570 for RED or BLUE SIM (7661 2345 for other network users)

2.      Send us a Facebook private message to   

3.      Email

4.      Contact the Sola PayGo sales agents on 7630 2222