NCSL’s Strategic Decision

An MOU signed between NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loans Society (NCSL) & Telikom Limited will see the 100% nationally owned telecommunications company expanding its coverage into some of the rural areas of the country (that are without Telikom Limited’s presence) in continuing the support NCSL has been providing towards its members since 2003.  During the signing of the agreement, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for NCSL, Mr. Vari Lahui, confirmed this shift to be a commercially strategic decision after facing certain issues and challenges with the previous partner telecommunications company, “This is not the first time we have partnered with Telikom Limited, but we are hoping this partnership will build a more enhanced business relationship and one that we are hoping will give our customers the security and reliability they expect in terms of service delivery.”


In light of this, the CEO of Telikom Limited, Mr Amos Tepi, applauded NCSL for this decision and further provided reassurance to the members of NCSL that their integrity will be protected in this transitional stage. Mr Tepi and Mr Lahui shared the same sentiments with regard to coverage issues concurring that figures will be gathered (from the affected sites) and presented to the Technical Teams for both NCSL and Telikom Limited, who are already working in unison, to mitigate this major challenge.


The USSD short code *628# remains the same in this transition and members can still perform balance checks, and initiate withdrawal applications as well as loan applications.

IMAGE CAPTION: CEO for NCSL Mr. Lahui (left) & CEO for Telikom, Mr Tepi. (right)
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