Telikom Limited Signs Exclusive Reseller Agreement With SkyTel

Telikom Limited, PNG’s 100% nationally owned telecommunications company, signed an Exclusive Reseller Agreement with SkyTel, a leading provider of telecommunications solutions on the 30th of May, at the Hilton Hotel, Port Moresby.

Telikom Limited’s CEO, Mr. Amos Tepi, said the company has decided to partner with SkyTel to complement their existing satellite services. Mr. Tepi highlighted the main reason for choosing SkyTel was because of the connectivity gaps faced by off-grid customers living in the remotest part of the country. Additionally, Telikom wanted to provide reliable and wider broadband coverage in connecting remote branch offices and institutions back to main offices therefore to access shared infrastructure such as payroll and other online applications at central offices.

“The issues we faced with the satellite front has been on-going for quite a long time so we are looking forward to this partnership with SkyTel to provide customers and business houses (alike) with the best possible telecommunications experience.”

SkyTel CEO, Mr. Michael Cratt revealed during the signing that the agreement penned today was a company milestone as it was executed during the 27th Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) AGM.

“It’s a great example of Australia and PNG working together to bridge the gap in some of the telecommunications.”

Telecommunications is a critical enabler to so many other industries, it forms the base of the digital economy.

SkyTel’s Exclusive Reseller agreement with Telikom Limited is a significant milestone for both companies and is expected to provide customers with reliable internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Voice over Internet (VOIP), IPTV and host online services.

The agreement is for a period of 24 months but is subject to review and renewal.

IMAGE CAPTION: Left to right: Bill Wartovo, General Manager for Commercial (Telikom Limited); Amos Tepi, CEO for Telikom Ltd; Michael Cratt, MD for SkyTel; Declan Jones, Lead Commercial for SkyTel.
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