Telikom Recruits New Staffs for Retail Expansion Drive

In pursuit of its retail expansion strategy, Telikom Limited has undertaken a recruitment drive from June through July 2023. A total of twelve (12) new staff were recruited for the Momase and Highlands region branches. The new staff were inducted in Lae Telikom Business Office and were assigned to the Retail, Sales and Promotions and Trade Marketing Teams for the period of four weeks as part of the job orientation initiative. Knowing the products is as essential as selling them. Hence, the team initially underwent internal product knowledge training undertaken by the existing sales staff in an effort to build staff capacity in terms of product knowledge. The next phase saw the staff assigned to road shows, corporate road shows, trade runs and retailing in our existing outlet and the newly installed container kiosks. The orientation initiative was intended to equip and expose the new staff to various trade environments within the competition and to develop individual capabilities practically. The newbies possessed a variety of experiences and backgrounds both educationally and professionally. They’ve expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Telikom Limited for the opportunity offered and are very enthusiastic to be part of a diverse and growing organization. As newbies, many of them also gave insights into Telikom’s products and services from a customer’s perspective which have been applauded by the team.

IMAGE CAPTION: Telikom's new recruits dive deep into product knowledge while embracing diverse perspectives.
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