Telikom Limited Enhances Customer Experience with Innovative Container Kiosks at UOT

Telikom Limited has recently introduced container kiosks at the University of Technology to provide students and staff with convenient access to Telikom’s products and services. These container kiosks are essentially refurbished shipping containers that have been transformed into small, self-contained retail units.


Apart from the other value-added services, students can use these kiosks to purchase Telkom’s products and services such as mobile phone top-ups, data bundles and other digital services.


The introduction of these kiosks is part of Telikom’s strategy to expand its distribution channels and improve its customer experience. By setting up these kiosks at strategic locations such as universities, Telikom hopes to reach more customers and make its services accessible to everyone.


The container kiosk at UOT has been well received by students, who appreciate the convenience and accessibility of Telikom’s services. The kiosks are also expected to benefit Telikom by increasing its sales and revenue, as well as improving its brand visibility and customer loyalty.

IMAGE CAPTION: Telikom Limited introduces container kiosks at the University of Technology
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