Corporate Statement

Telikom Limited has undergone an evolution from an Analogue to a Digitalized network in the past five years and this is a major impetus to drive us forward to pursue our vision to become the Market Leader in Papua New Guinea by 2025 and the Region by 2032.


One of the most profound changes over this time has been developing a better understanding of and deeper commitment to sustainability as we have refined our business operations in our quest to become the Market leader.


Built around our commitments to Customers and Communities, Employees and the Shareholder, Telikom Limited's Business Turnaround Strategy focusses on the leadership vision to bring together what we believe are the essential prerequisites for maintaining the long-term health and growth of our company.


What is clearer than ever before, though, is that we cannot achieve success if we choose to pursue these goals independently. Rather, success requires that we consistently work to achieve our goals through integrated initiatives that place a high priority on moving us forward simultaneously on multiple fronts and managing our total impact as an organization.


One of our biggest achievements in 2021 is the successful implementation of the Business Merger, consequently bringing together the Mobile and Fixed businesses under one umbrella. This has strategically positioned the business to defend and expand its current market share in line with its vision of being the market leader. This is a significant undertaking by our business and one that needs to be managed closely by Management.


It is also what our Shareholder expects from us as the leading Communications Company, whose actions carry far- reaching implications for the economy and the millions of people who rely on our Communication Services to conduct their businesses, roll out Government services and improve people's lives. Our biggest advantage is that Telikom Limited is owned by the people of PNG through the Government, however we also face the challenge of learning to approach familiar territory in fresh ways, with new knowledge and ideas.


Based on the Board's vision to be the Market Leader by 2025 in PNG and in the region by 2032, this 3-year plan has been developed taking in account sales and marketing projections, a Network Master Plan, and Cultural Transformation and Productivity and a set of strategies discussed in this document to achieve this plan.


Partial Privatization is one of the agendas under Governments SOE reform. We welcome this intention by the Government whenever it may transpire in the future, as well as the benefits for the betterment of the business and the services we provide.


In keeping with that spirit, we invite you - and indeed encourage you - to share your thoughts on our Corporate Plan and our performance going forward. We take this feedback seriously and always welcome it. Meanwhile, Telikom Limited will continue to strive toward its vision of being the Market Leader and reaching its sustainability goals in the years ahead.


As we do, you have our commitment that we will be working to extend our performance in areas where results are already strong, while diligently addressing those aspects of our performance in which we see the greatest opportunities for improvement.