CEO’s Message

Telikom Limited is one of the leading telecommunication company in the South Pacific that is Nationally owned and provides a range of telecommunication services in Papua New Guinea, including local, National and international fixed line and mobile services


Telikom provides retail business of voice and data broadband services along with wholesale business of these voice and data services.


 It is committed in providing quality services and products to fulfil the ambitions of our customers with its entirely digital network together with the advance technologies.


Telikom aims to be a preferred vendor of quality telecommunication services and products by being a best practice organization in everything we do to match these ambitions and expectation of our customers and staff.


Telikom business offices are established across the country and they aim to assist its valued customers with sales for product and service maintenance along backed by a 24/7 Customer Care Call Center.


With its proud history of service spanning over six decades, Telikom has taken a turn at this juncture in 2021 to revamp and reform its organization and the services it provides.


One of the key founding pillars is the recent review of its current business portfolio, and development of key business turnaround strategies which have aided and abated in development of its 3-5 Year Corporate Strategic Plan.


Upon take such an endeavor, we have recently launched our Three (3) Year Corporate Plan which provides a strategic direction for the business from 2022 to 2025.


This plan was developed collectively by the Board, Management and staff of Telekom Limited and was based on the current network and staff capabilities with a futuristic view on emerging technology solutions that will be introduced into the market during this period all aimed at achieving the new goals and visions of Telikom Limited.


In line with this new vision, Telikom aims to attain majority market share by focusing on aggressive growth in the mobile business, through its Go-To-Market (GTM) Plan, while on the other end, maintaining or retaining its monopoly in the fixed telephony business.


Thus, with a renewed focus at hand, let’s work together, support each other in making our vision become a reality.


I thank for tuning in to hear this crucial message, and I thank appreciate the Government of PNG and its partnerships as we look forward to releasing Telikom’s visions, making this journey a success.