Navindar Singh

Navindar Singh is the Head of ICT and Transport Network. He has vast experience in both Telecommunocations and Managed Services.


Navin has more than 14 years experience working with a diverse spectrum of organisations across the Asia Pacific region, suporting both internal and external clients to optimize ICT networks and systems.


Navin has worked across a broad range of ICT technical areas including, ISP Engineering, ICT systems, Unified Communications and ICT audit. He has designed, implemented, and managed a variety of ICT projects.


Navin is also highly qualified and certified in his field of work. Some of the major qualifications and certifications that Navin has acquired over the years are:


- Double CCNP (Voice/Swithcing/Routing)

- Bachelors of Engineering Technology

- Forinet certified Network Professional (FCNSP)

- Certified Cisco Meraki Network Operator

- Cisco Cloud Collaboration Solutions

- Cisco Certifed Webex Calling Professional

- Cisco Certified Webex Contact Center Professional

- Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer

- Microsoft 365 Certified